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When it comes to modern commercial and industrial equipment, constructions and interior design, Stainless Steel is the way to go!.  We create a great verity of products, equipment and services using high quality stainless steel, aluminum, steel, natural wood, synthetic and glass materials. tube wells sri lankaInterior constructions Gampaha

Our range covers most of the commercial kitchen designs, kitchen equipment and accessories. Our designs include buffet counters, bar, club & reception counters, showcases, pantry cupboards, kitchen furniture, machine parts, industrial equipment, sanitary and healthcare items and all your stainless steel requirements. tube wells sri lanka

Products & Services

Counters, Receptions and Trolleys

Stainless Steel Buffet Counters, Bar Counters, Club Counter, Receptions, Home and Commercial Showcases, Displays Cupboards and Racks.

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Commercial Kitchen Designs

Commercial Kitchen Designs, Kitchen Equipment, LP Gas Lines, Exhaust Systems, Kitchen Interior Furniture and Accessories.

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Indoor and Outdoor Decorations

Home, Industry, Hotel and Office interior-exterior designs, Doors, Gates, Fences, Handrails, Pantry Cupboards, Drawers & Racks.

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Factory and Industrial Items

Factory and Industrial Machinery Parts and Equipment, Hospital and Healthcare Items, Transportation Needs and Accessories.

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We Come In Handy with Stainless Steel Construction!

Our product range covers every part of the commercial hotel and kitchen designs, equipment and accessories. No mater the scale, we serve the best designs and solutions for all kinds of industries and clients all around the country.

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2D & 3D Engineering Drawings

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We provide up-to-date, modern and the best scientific Engineering Drawings and designs for all our projects
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It All Comes with Our Experiences!

We have served the best solutions and designs for hotels, restaurants, commercial kitchens and industries all around Sri Lanka.

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