Stainless Steel Fabricators Kandy

What We Do!

When it comes to modern commercial and industrial equipment and interior designs, Stainless Steel is the way to go!.  We create a great verity of products, equipment and services using high quality stainless steel, aluminum, steel, natural wood, synthetic and glass materials.Stainless Steel Fabricators Kandy

Our range covers most of the commercial kitchen designs, kitchen equipment and accessories. Our designs include buffet counters, bar, club & reception counters, showcases, pantry cupboards, kitchen furniture, machine parts, industrial equipment, sanitary and healthcare items and all your stainless steel requirements. Stainless Steel Fabricators Kandy

Our Services

Counters, Receptions and Showcases

State-of-the-art Counters, Front Desks, Receptions, Showcases and Display Cabinets made by Stainless Steel combined with natural wood, steel, glass and manufactured materials. We cover the needs of commercial, factory & industry, domestic and office premises.

  • Buffet Counters
  • Bar & Club Counter
  • Showcases

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Commercial Kitchen Designs

All types of commercial kitchens, equipment and accessories with the latest technology and designs. We use the best quality Stainless Steel, Natural Wood and manufactured materials as required for the design and imported mechanical equipment and accessories from Italy.

  • Kitchen Equipment
  • LP Gas Lines & Exhaust Systems
  • Kitchen Interior Furniture

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Indoor and Outdoor Decorations

We design and decorate interiors and exteriors in all types of premises. Our range covers office interiors, elevators, doors, gates, fences, staircases and handrails, pantry cupboards, drawers, racks and all kinds of indoor and outdoor decorations with stainless steel.

  • Office & Home Interiors
  • Doors, Gates, Fences & Handrails
  • Pantry Cupboards, Drawers & Racks

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Factory and Industrial Items

We design and construct custom build factory machinery items, industrial equipment, and various types of vehicle and transportation needs. Our range covers Machinery parts, conveyor belts, factory equipment, hospital and healthcare items, tanks, containers, modification items and accessories.

  • Machinery Parts & Equipment
  • Hospital and Healthcare Items
  • Transportation Needs & Accessories

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2D & 3D Engineering Drawings

We provide high quality and up-to-date Engineering Drawings for all our designs, equipment and accessories. Nowadays 2D and 3D draft is a must requirement in large scale projects. And it provides a great accuracy, pre-planning capability, estimation, and product compatibility when working together with different suppliers and companies.

  • 2D-3D Autocad Drawings for Interior Designs
  • Machinery and Equipment Drawing
  • Furniture and Accessories Drawings

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It All Comes with Our Experiences!

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